Special Edition

  • Limited Quantities Available
  • Elegant Peacock Flourish Design
  • Over 300 Additional Embroidery Design
  • Suitcase and Embroidery Module Bag Included

These unique extras are inclusive

  • XL Machine Suitcase SE
  • XL Embroidery Module Suitcase SE
  • Over 300 additional embroidery designs

Get this beguiling bundle today and share the love of sewing! While supplies last.

Beautifully designed

  • Exclusive peacock flourish faceplate
  • Flowing textures and paisley motifs
  • Inspired by fabric designer Ann Lauer

The face plate and service panel are designed in an exclusive flowing texture with metallic light amethyst purple background. The "Peacock Flourish" motif is printed with ombre effect in purples and blues.

Beautiful embroidery every time

  • Place a design exactly where you want
  • Clean embroidery results on the top
  • Intuitive & very easy to use

The B 790 PLUS Special Edition is enriched with exciting embroidery features like Pinpoint Placement, Enhanced Editing Functions, Total Embroidery Stitch Control and much more.

Lots of space for you

  • Embroider large motifs with ease
  • Comfortably maneuver large projects
  • Designed for the Maxi Hoop

The B 790 PLUS Special Edition offers a full 13-inch extended freearm including ten inches of space to the right of the needle. Enjoy a large sewing and embroidery area.

Automatic features are yours!

  • No manual cutting at the end of a seam
  • Semi-automatic threading
  • No manual lowering of the presser foot

Thread is cut automatically when you reach the end of a seam or a color change in embroidery. The presser foot lowers automatically at the beginning of a seam.

Create new stitches

  • Design & create your own stitches
  • Draw your design directly on the screen
  • Convert the design into a stitch pattern

The Stitch Designer allows you to edit stitches and to create your own. The creative possibilities are endless and your stitch library will continuously expand.