March 8th and 9th, 2024

10 - 4


Teacher: Cindy Hogan from Cynthia's Embroidery



This class will cover introduction to My Design Center- keys and functions

Converting Image to Embroidery - Scan or USB 

Overview of Scan Modes

Erasing and selection tools

Using the drawing tools

Changing stitch types

Adjusting stitch properties

My Connection - Sending design from SNC and retrieving at Luminaire

Retrieving from My Connection

Adding shapes

Using the Applique Patch for Selected Coors (My Connection feature)

Creating a stamp

Adding Custom Dec Fill for quilting

Sending Design to Scan N Cut via My Connection

Cutting Applique on ScanNCut

Adding a Basting Stitch

Projection from the Luminaire


Cindy Hogan is a fabulous teacher that has tons of knowledge on Brother products.  You don't want to miss this class if you are the owner of a Brother Luminaire.  If you don't own a Luminaire, I can help you with that.