​May 16-19, 2018

​9 - 4

Teacher: Kari Mecca



​Kari Mecca will be teahing her eden sundress with lattice work and Pinwheels and Pocket Top and Pants.  Please come join us for four fun days of learning from Kari.  Kari Mecca is a nationally known teacher that we are fortunate to have come teach for us.  Lunch is included.  Kits are extra and will be provided by Kari.

March 9, 2018 


March 10, 2018

10:00 - 2:00


Teacher:  Ashley Jones


Receive a Gift Now and Later!

​Register online now and receive 5 specially digitized Vintage embroidery designs!  Enjoy a free goody bag on the day of the event!


​Learn how to use Vintage Software to embellish everything from home décor to clothing for the family.

​Enjoy color therapy designs - no two are alike -play with  fibers and markers for unique results.

​Continuous borders - learn the DIME way and achieve flawless borders every time.

​Create textured embroidery designs and patches.

rfreshments will be provided.



June 1, 2018   


June 2, 2018

​Reen Wilcoxson (Embroidery Garden) will be teaching two days.  She will be doing three projects on Friday and three different projects on Saturday.  You may take one day or both days.  There is a price break if you take both days.  we will be embroidering on the Brother Dream Machine 2.  If you have a Dream Machine we would like you to bring it.  Each person will be on their own machine.  Brother will be sending in machines for people that do not own the Dream Machine.  Lunch will be provided as well as kits for the projects.  Sign up early as spaces will be limited.  I have heard she is amazing and fun!

June 1, 2018 only  $99

June 2, 2018 only $99

​June 1 and 2, 2018 $150